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A Part of My Little Habit

I’ve a lot of habit. But in this journal, I’ll tell a little of my habit, likes my eating habit,my favorite food, and how to keep my body healthy.

Start from my eating habit, I eat 3 times a day. But,if my schedule is full, sometimesI eat one or two times a day. Because of that habit, I’ve lost my weight 4 kilograms last month. I like eating vegetables and fruit too. If I’m at home, my mother always serve me healthy meal, likes vegetables, fruits, and a glass of milk.

My favorite food is fried chicken with some kind of vegetable and chutney. I like it very much. I don’t know why, maybe that food is traditional food from Indonesia. Because it in Indonesia called  lalapan. 😀

I also like snacks and juice. I usually eat them if I don’t have anytimes for breakfast.

I think I’m healthy enough now. Because from the article I’ve been read, exercise burns of the calories and makes us fit. I also follow Pencak Silat to keep my body healthy. Why Pencak Silat? Because I like hard sport like that. 😀

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